Oversized Sweaters and Knee High Boots


Hello lovelies,
This weekend I took a trip to London with my three best friends to celebrate the end of exams! (for now, but lets not think about that). It was so nice to be reunited with them as the demands of uni has caused us all to go in opposite directions. While in London, the sun was out most of the weekend which made it even better and it was possible to get a few shots of my outfit…
We had a perfect weekend of visiting all our favourite areas and cafes, I'll leave you in suspense for a while until my London post is up which I will tell you about my favourite hidden London gems!
Even though it is still winter here in the UK, I hate wearing boring outfits so I decided to try out my knee high boots and I just love how they can transform a simple outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this different kind of outfit post from me, let me know your opinions in the comments below xo

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  1. Obsessed with this look at the moment!! This suits you sooo well!! Lovely post x

    || www.justgeorgiarose.com


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