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Hi lovelies,
Recently I took a trip to London with my best friends to celebrate the end of some very stressful final exams. It was such a fun trip and so nice to forget about uni for a few days! So here are some of our favourite alternative spots in London...

Probably my most favourite places is Primrose Hill...

As soon as we arrived there I instantly fell in love with it. The houses are so pretty and I think all the local shops and cafes are beautiful. We managed to time it well to walk up the hill just in time for sunset and have an amazing view of London! It didn't even feel like we were in a busy city.

Next up is all the independent shops in Hampstead and Hampstead itself. I loved how green the area was and as you can see from the pictures there was soooo much bread (LOVE).

Probably the best hidden gem we went to was My Village Cafe in Chalk Farm. It is a small business ran by a family and all the food is home made. I had the Falafel and it was up there with the best Falafel I've had. I also tried the chocolate drink that this place is famous for and it did not disappoint. It was so rich and just writing this post is really making me want another.
Finally, the area I always say is my favourite…Camden! I 100% love the vibe of this place, it feels so unjudgemental and it is full of interesting people. We visited the camden markets when it was getting dark and all started feeling a bit spends. As it got darker there were heaps of fairy lights which made it even better!

Because we were only there for the weekend, it was so hard to fit everything in! We sadly had to miss our visit to la Creperie de Hampstead which apparently has amazing crepes, but I'm sure I'll be back in the future to try these out for myself.

Finally the weather over the weekend was amazing for the UK which probably made the experience so much better. But I had a great trip and it showed me that the UK is a beautiful place and sometimes you don't always have to go abroad to experience something new.
I hope you have all had a good week, let me know what you're getting up to this weekend xo

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