Leather Pinafore


Hello lovelies,
Hope you all had a good weekend! Today I wanted to share my favourite outfit at the moment and as always it is all black. I had a few comments on my instagram asking where my outfit was from, so I thought I would share it with you!


Although it is not a complete weather appropriate outfit, it can be paired with tights (I just hate wearing them). I like this outfit so much because it is a perfect balance between pretty and edgy. During the winter I have been wearing this when I go to bars, usually in the Northern Quarter when I don't want to look too dressy in a dress but then I'm sick of wearing jeans during the day (Does anyone else feel like this?!)

During the day I usually pair it with my Balenciaga boots, as I'm so obsessed with them at the moment and I love the detailing of the top.

During the cold months, I love wearing a big coat to keep me cosy. You've definitely seen this before in my posts but incase you're wondering it's from Topshop and let's be honest, I probably won't stop wearing it until the weather is a lot warmer!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite outfit is at the moment in the comments below xo

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